Horse Racing

Horse Racing

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Horse Race Glossary

JOCKEY - A professional horse rider. A jockey must be at least 16 years old.
APPRENTICE - A jockey in training is called apprentice.
BOX - The location where the horse is stabled.
BULLRING - A horse track of oval shape with either a half-mile or 5/8ths mile in length.
BULL RING - A small race track normally less than a mile.
COLT - A male horse of age three or under.
GRADUATE - Winning for the first time.
PADDOCK - Area where horses are kept before post time.
POST - Starting position from where the horse race starts.
POST TIME - Designated time for a race to start.
STICK - Rider' whip or bat.
BREEZE - When a horse running on moderate speed then it is called breeze.
BACKSTRETCH - The straight way on the far side of the track is called backstretch.
EXTENDED - When a rider forced the horse to run at top speed.
TURF COURSE - Grass Course.
WHIP - It is a leather stick which riders strikes the horses to increase their speed.



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